Our Electronic Cigarette Brands

Vaping is not only a fantastic way to quit cigarettes, it’s fun and a great way to chillax. Whether you’re on your lunch break at the office, or stuck in a traffic jam, it’s an instant stress reliever.

At Vape Choice Ltd we have everything you need to have the perfect vaping experience, including a choice of e-cig kits for beginners, intermediate and advanced vapers.

Our more advanced kits are perfect for anybody serious about vaping. You can choose from a variety of coils and liquids, and choose the correct settings, to enjoy huge bilious clouds of the most intense flavours. Yum!

Our range of electronic cigarette brands include Innokin, Smok, Aspire, and Kanger.

We also have a huge range of e-liquids in many different flavours, from brands like One Mad Hit, McFlavours, Cuttwood, Vape Choice, Far and Element Emulsion.

Enjoy a tastier e-liquid in your electronic cigarettes.

Whether you love fruity flavours, the taste of tobacco, or sweet aromas like chocolate, Vape Choice Ltd have everything from summer pear and blackcurrant, to liquorice or vanilla e-liquids. 

Browse our tasty range of e-liquids today.