Coils were once the realm of the specialist vapers who enjoy building their own coils but no longer. More and more the manufacturers are making the simpler version of these custom made coils for everyone and this is why we have the:

  • BVCs (Bottom Vertical Coils)
  • Dual Coils
  • Clapton Coils and of course
  • Basic coils

There are many coils type which advanced vapers build but we will only be looking at the common ones manufacturers are now providing (i.e. the ones above).

Basic Coils

At the most basic atomisers you will find a single coil in a horizontal positions (see image below)


The single coils heats up to produce the vapour and this is the most basic coil position.

Dual Coils

With dual coils, the manufacturers install TWO coils in the normal horizontal position (see below). Note: two coils do improve the vapour production and the flavour experienced but DO NOT double the vapour or the flavour. That is a myth.


Bottom Vertical Coils

Here the positioning of the coils is in a vertical manner at the bottom of the tank. Some vapers believe this is better as the coils are standing up (see image below). They feel the standing coil allows for better heating of the liquid and therefore more vapour and cloud.



Clapton Coils

Lastly we have the Clapton coils which are normally in the BVC configuration. The different here is the makeup of the wire itself; it is a large wire with a thinner wire curling around it. Vapers find that this wire configuration allows for more surface area - meaning more heat and more vapour.


Finally in conclusion, the positioning of the coils is a good start to understanding coils. Their position and how many coils does affect the vapour and flavour BUT and it is a BIG but that is not the whole story. To really understand coils we will need to dwell into the type of metal the coil is made of, the thickness of the wire and the wicking material used.

Simply know that the positioning of the coil, the number of coils, the thickness of the wire and the wicking material all contribute to your vaping experience. Understanding coils will really help you with Sub-Ohm and temperature control. Watch out for our other articles.