Amongst the vast amount information out there on the internet, and even more you receive from an e-cigarette store (brick and mortar type) it is easy to get confused. Deciphering through all the information can be difficult.

Saying the world of e-cigarettes can be difficult to understand is an understatement. At Vape Choice we know just how daunting it can be trying to figure all the different terms and devices when you’re new to it all. Lot of different questions come to mind as one tries to pick a device to trial and this is why we have put a number of articles under 'New to Vaping' Category. 

We know just how important it is to pick the right device to start your vaping journey otherwise the whole experience can be tainted and you’ll miss out on a lot of health benefits you could be enjoying.

The main point is picking a device which is right for you – this point is so important that we choose to repeat it point once more. Remember this when making your choice; don’t let someone sell/recommend to you a device; use the information you’ve picked up to make an informed choice!

To help you understand everything more easily, we’ve writen this article into a question and answer format. Hopefully this will make it easier to understand the world of electronic cigarettes or as it is called by the users of these the world of vaping.



No, both are very different!



Great question! This question will help dispel a lot of stigma attached to the e-cigarettes. You see normal cigarettes work by burning tobacco (combustion) which produces the smoke that is inhaled whereas e-cigarettes does not burn tobacco (there is no combustion). Instead it has a special liquid (which contains differing strength of nicotine) which is heated to produce a vapour which is inhaled.

Note both the smoke and the vapour contains nicotine the primary reason for smoking the main difference between the two is that the vapour does not contain TAR and the over 4000 other harmful chemicals which smoke contains. Remember smokers smoke for the nicotine and not the smoke and tar. And use of e-cigarettes helps deliver the nicotine into the body just as a nicotine patch does only better.



Spot on! In fact you can read on various official sites like NHS etc. that the vapour is over 95% safer than smoking. Please see the links below. Now before going further, it must be pointed out that the use of e-cigarettes is not 100% safe, no-one is claiming that only it is safer. Furthermore using e-cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking once and for all is recommended by health professionals and research shows it is more effective than going cold turkey (simply trying on will power).




In short NO! Nicotine is not the harmful element but it is the bit that makes smoking addictive. At present there is no research to say nicotine causes cancer. It is like caffeine a stimulant which though not harmful is best wean off in the long run. 



On the whole YES it will save you money. How much will depend both on your smoking habits and what you invest in. The initial spend when you move to using e-cigarettes is high but the running cost [buying the liquid and the coils (the part that heats up)] is normally less.

Saving you make will depend entirely on you. You see vaping is also fun, socially more acceptable and this has led some users to invest more. This being the case than the saving will be less, having said that we’d like to say that even if using electronic cigarettes is more expensive (which it is not over a period of time) then it is still worth it if it helps you achieve your aim – to leave smoking. 



Use of e-cigarettes is also called VAPING and e-cigarettes are also referred to as vaporisers because they help vaporise the special liquid by heating it up. In fact there are many more terms which is what leads to the confusing picture. So here are some of the other terms you might encounter.

Vapes, e-cigs, vaporisers, starter kits, Mods all refer to electronic cigarettes or at least part of electronic cigarette. Note this term has a wide meaning and incorporates the cheaper devices which look like cigarettes or other smaller devices which are more disposable. Our use of these terms normally does not refer to these smaller or cheaper devices normally on display at patrol stations and convenience stores. We will expand on this in a later article.

E-liquid, E-juice, liquid all refer to the special liquid used in electronic cigarettes. Again not all liquids are equal and there will be cheap ones and more expensive ones and once more we will give more information to help you to decide on which one is best for you.


So why do I see people using e-cigarettes outside same as cigarettes?

This really is down to mis-information and stigma associated with cigarettes. Having said that views are changing and there are e-cigarettes friendly establishments. It is advisable to ask owners of establishments on their policy on the use of e-cigarettes and by default begin by assuming it is not allowed to prevent any issues. You can however enjoy the use of e-cigarettes in your own  premises or vehicle freely as it does not have any of the issues like smell or effects of passive vaping to others.


Wow, are you saying use of e-cigarette does not affect others like passive smoking does?

Yes, remember if the use of these devices is 95% safer for the user than any risk to others inhaling the vapours passively is even significantly less.