Following a number of hugely popular Aspire Tanks (Atlantis, Nautilus, Nautilus Mini and Cleito) all of which were ground breaking when released, the Nautilus X has much to live up to.

Nautilus X Tanks

The all-important question on everyone’s mind is, is Nautilus X a game changer like its predecessors!

Well to be fair, Nautilus X does have a new design to comply with TDP and boasts a new type of coil which represents the peak of the Aspire atomiser development curve. It's called the Nautilus X U-Tech Coils. More of that in the highlights, let’s look at all the features first.


  • 2ml capacity – TPD Compliant
  • Adjustable Top Airflow
  • Leak Proof Design
  • U-Tech Coil System (vapour passes the coils twice)
  • 1.5 ohm Kanthal Coil (14 – 22w)
  • Ultra-Low Profile
  • 510 Connection


  • 1 x Aspire Nautilus X tank
  • 1 x Replacement glass tube (can be either clear or frosted)
  • 1 x Spare 1.5 ohm Kanthal Coil.

Nautilus X Contents


The main highlight of Nautilus X is its new U-Tech Coil, notice in the diagram below, how Aspire have changed the airflow into a U shape which allows the air to flow past the coils twice and thereby supposedly enhancing the flavour.  This really is a clever move which also eliminates the need to the central column and has the potential to be a ground breaking design, moreover does it lead to improvement in flavour? We’ll have to wait and see.

Nautilus U-Tech Coils

Nautilus’s top fill design is also quite simple and easy. Having said that we have noticed that the new atomiser does screw at both ends and should you open the tank with the atomiser attached to the mouth piece then take care not to fill the e-liquid to the brim otherwise it will spill over when the atomiser is inserted.

Nautilus X Top FIll

Moreover while the 2ml capacity is as a direct result of TPD, it does mean vapers accustomed to more liquid will need to refill more frequently.

Aspire also claim that the adjustable airflow not only helps you to change the airflow but also ensures the tank will not leak from the bottom over time. Hmmm, time will tell.

Nautilus X Airflow


In short YES! Nautilus’s ultra-low profile does make it look clean, simple and yet solid. Remember kits also come with a spare glass tank some of which are frosted which gives Nautilus X a different look esp. if you go for the limited rainbow finish.

Nautilus X Parts


In closing this preview, we find Nautilus X certainly has the features to change the game. It is a good solid tank on the face of it and only time will tell if it does. We also agree with Aspire that Nautilus X is the future with the advent of TPD, which will force other tanks to similarly comply with its 2 ml requirement.

Share with us what your views are of Nautilus X.