Gone are the days where you had basic vaping devices which did not give the user much flexibility. Vaping has evolved over the years. From fixed voltage/wattage devices technology moved to variable voltage/wattage devices where you could tweak the settings to hit that sweet spot of flavour vs clouds. Although variable voltage/wattage gave better control it still wasn’t satisfying the vapers needs and did not help with the dreaded issue of getting the burnt taste of a dry hit. This is where Temperature Control has a greater advantage. The new Temperature Control technology has improved the vaping experience along with convenience and safety. 


What is Temperature Control?

Before we start talking about temperature control lets understand the basics. As you already know the coil in the tank is the most important part that does the job of turning the e-liquid in to vapour. The coil consists of a thin wire which is wound around the wick.  This wire heats up when the electric current passes through it and the heated wire heats the e-liquid that is soaked by the wick and turns it in to vapour.




The amount of heat produced depends on two things the resistance of the wire and the amount of voltage/wattage that passes through the wire. The resistance of the wire depends on its thickness, thicker wires have less resistance to current flow than thinner wires. Although the resistance of a wire changes according to thickness it is also affected by the temperature. In general the resistance of a metal increases when they are heated. For this reason temperature control was introduced in to vaping devices.

With the introduction of temperature control you have more control over your vaping experience. Although by adjusting the temperature of the mod all it does in the end is adjusts the voltage being fed the key thing that sets the temperature control devices apart is that you get a consistent vape regardless of the resistance changes.   For it do this there are two things that are needed. One if that the device needs to know what material is being used in the coil, this needs to be set by you when you use the device. The second things is it needs to know how the material reacts to heat and how much voltage to push to keep the temperature consistent. This second part is where the chipset inside the mod does the adjustment. The device monitors the change in resistance several times a second which tells the device how hot the wire has become. So now when you set the desired temperature the device monitors this and adjusts the power up or down until it reaches your desired temperature. This whole process of monitoring and adjusting happens so quickly that the temperature of the wire stays consistent.

So in a nutshell this is temperature control in the vaping world. You must be thinking this is great but do I really need this?


What are the advantages of temperature control?

There are four main advantages of Temperature Control over normal variable voltage/wattage devices.

1. No more dry hits

As mentioned in the start of this blog, dry hit is one of the worst experience you will have when trying to enjoy vaping. In case you have been lucky and haven’t experienced this yet the dry hits are caused due to low level of e-liquid. As the wick is not saturated enough the wick starts to burn giving a nasty taste in your mouth and in some cases even the wire will start to burn producing  harmful vapours. With Temperature Control this is never the case. When the wick is dry it creates a huge spike in the temperature of the coil. As soon as the devices monitors this spike it will stop firing and prevent any dry hits.

2. Extended coil and wick life

By avoiding the dry hits the life of the coil and wick is extended as well. The temperature controlled mod regulates the power so the coil is not over heated and the wick does not singe.

3. Extended battery life

The battery life is also extended as the temperature controlled mod will only use the power needed to keep the coil at the desired temperature. According to some vapers it is estimated that the life if extended by 1.5 times when compared to the equivalent variable voltage/wattage device.

4. Better and consistent flavour

The flavour of the e-liquid changes with the temperature. You might have noticed that sometimes your first draw will taste different to the second or third draw due the difference in temperature of the coil in each draw. With temperature control mod as you would have guessed this is not the case. The temperature is kept consistent to give a great flavour every time.


Do I need a special mod for Temperature Control?

To enjoy the benefits of temperature control the first thing you need to ensure is that the mod you purchase has this feature. There are a lot of TC mods in the market that will give you an amazing experience. Here is a short list of some of them:

  1. Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 100
  2. Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 18650
  3. Innokin Cortex TC
  4. Knagers KBOX70, KBOX 120 and KBOX 200
  5. Aspire Plato


Do I need special type of coils?

Along with a temperature controlled mod you will need special coils to take full advantage of this feature. At the moment there are 3 main temperature control coils available. These are just like any other coils but the only difference in the wire used in them. The 3 main wires that are being supported by most of the temperature control mods are Nickel 200 (Ni200), Titanium (Ti) and Stainless Steel (SS). We will look in detail and compare these different wires in another article but at the moment you can try these and see which works best for you. Almost all major manufactures will have these temperature control coils available for their sub-ohm range of tanks.



Well now you know what temperature control is, I hope you will agree that ttemperature control will significantly improve your vaping experience and along with that it will extend the life of your coils, wicks and battery.